Election Day is Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

It is your right, it is your voice. It is the power that those who struggled in years past fought for, protected and treasured to pass on to our generation. It is how we honor those who went before us, preserve what has been given to us and how we will defend our legacy for those who come after us.

Tuesday, May 1st 2018 is Election Day in Chesapeake, & Norfolk.

The Democratic and Republican party primaries will be happening soon after.

Visit your local city, county or town voter registrar’s office website to find out who is on the ballot, what offices are being contested, what the issues are and where each candidate stands on them.

Your local elections can be even more important than the elections for President, U.S. Senator, Congressman or even Governor because our local officials deal with the issues that are closest to our day-to-day lives. These are our schools, our roads, our playgrounds and our neighborhoods. But sadly, these elections typically have the lowest voter turnout.

This makes our vote even more valuable than at any other time.