About Us

About Us

The Hampton Roads Black Caucus was established in 2012 with the purpose of promoting the political initiatives of the Black Community in the Hampton Roads area.

The intent of the Hampton Roads Black Caucus is to endorse candidates who support the ideas, values, and missions, in the Black Community through economic, education, and political initiatives.

The goal of the Hampton Roads Black Caucus is to raise funds to support these candidates that best represent the goals of our organization.

Governed by a board of community and business leaders, and supported by a diverse membership base, HRBC will remain a non-partisan organization solely committed to supporting candidates who support our missions and initiatives.

HRBC was established to help those individuals bridge the gap and gain victory at the polls.

Individuals campaigning for state or local elected office in one of the Hampton Roads’ cities, who are supportive of the missions and initiatives of the HRBC, will have an opportunity to receive support in one or more of the following methods:

  • Monetary Support
  • Public Endorsement
  • Engagement of our Membership Base