Community Action Team Subcommittee (CAT)

The Hampton Roads Black Caucus (HRBC) Community Action Team Subcommittee (CAT) focuses on the HRBC ability to impact the policies which affect Hampton Roads Black Communities and the greater Hampton Roads Community. This sub-committee reports to the HRBC President and Vice President and present a monthly report to the executive committee. CAT focus is to remain ever vigilant in the affairs of Hampton Roads’ citizens by completing these four tasks:

Conduct a weekly “Think Tank” meeting and hold monthly virtual meetings to discuss and provide guidance to citizens who report their concerns. 
Maintain “757 Black Agendas” – A quarterly expectations and elected officials report card. 
Recruiting and supporting CAT Team Watchdogs, two per city, will attend, monitor, and report on the City Council and School Board meetings. 
Our Stream-team holds bi-weekly conversations on social media platforms to communicate community interest and political updates. 

If you’re interested in joining this committee, please contact Mr. Seko Varner, CAT Team Chair, by emailing: