2019 Candidate Endorsements

The membership of the Hampton Roads Black Caucus has Endorsed the following candidates in the following races:

Virginia Senate

  • 3rd District – Herb Jones
  • 5th District – Lionell Spruill
  • 6th District – Lynwood Lewis
  • 7th District – Jen A. Keggans
  • 8th District – William R. DeSteph
  • 14th District – Rebecca E. Ravenson

Virginia House of Delegates

  • 21st District – Shannon Kane
  • 64th District – Michele E. Joyce
  • 76th District – S. Chris Jones
  • 80th District – Ryan C. Benton
  • 81st District – Barry D. Knight
  • 82nd District – Jason S. Miyares
  • 83rd District – Christopher P. Stolle
  • 84th District – Glenn R. Davis, Jr.
  • 85th District – Rocky Holcomb
  • 100th District – Philip M. Hernandez

Newport News Clerk of Courts

    Angela Reason

Norfolk City Clerk of Courts

    Anthony Fuller

Portsmouth Clerk of Courts

    Mallory D. Carver

Virginia Beach City Council

  • Michael F. Berlucchi – Rose Hall District
  • Rosemary A. Wilson – Beach District

Virginia Beach School Board

    Jessica L. Owens – Rosehall District

Virginia Beach City Treasurer

    Laura Wood Habr

Suffolk Soil & Water Conservation

    Charles L. Owens

Virginia Beach Soil & Water Conservation

    Bill W. Fleming