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Benefits of joining Hampton Roads Black Caucus

The cost to join HRBC is $50.00 per year.   (If you joined on June 15, 2020, your next annual membership fee would be due June 1, 2021).

The benefits of joining HRBC are:

You will have a voice in what we do at HRBC.
You will have a vote on who HRBC supports for office in upcoming elections.
You will get a chance to meet the candidates that are running for office and ask them questions about their platform.

HRBC have committees that help with events such as planning our Breakfast of Champions and Black-Tie Banquet. As a member you can join these committees. Committee members can research and give input on optimal places to have events. In addition, HRBC also supports black-owned restaurants by having meetings at these establishments and thereby giving our black-owned businesses the support they need.

We are a political organization and HRBC will support all businesses that are affiliated with us. We don’t mind if affiliated business owners distribute business cards during meetings, however, affiliated business questions will not be answered until after the meeting. HRBC also supports affiliated businesses that assist us with our support of the communities we serve. During HRBC events, affiliated businesses and organizations can purchase a table to promote their businesses and HRBC.

We want you to know that you are a part of this organization and that your opinion matters. But we also want you to know that some things that are presented at our meetings may need to be postponed until our Board of Directors has had an opportunity to discuss the issues.