2020 Candidate Endorsements

During our regularly scheduled monthly board meeting held on May 2, 2020, the Hampton Roads Black Caucus (HRBC) agreed we will not move forward with facilitating and executing an endorsement process during this local election cycle.

Under normal conditions, the time allotted for the endorsement process, three to six months, is, sufficient to provide ample opportunity for the membership’s input and the highest degree of public vetting. But under the extraordinary circumstances currently imposed upon us by COVID-19, we have been unable to provide opportunities for the community and our membership to engage with the current pool of candidates; making it difficult for our membership and the members of the public to communicate with, watch or participate in various town hall meetings or caucus connections.

Given the importance of public involvement and full engagement in the process, the Hampton Roads Black Caucus Board of Directors agreed that the typical endorsement process cannot be carried out with the level of membership engagement necessary to make the selections of new government officials an appropriate exercise of democratic government.

As a result, we are inviting the Hampton Roads community and our membership to view the below links regarding the upcoming election process, dates and let their voice be heard by deciding who should fill the various seats/offices.

Virginia Department of Elections
Virginia Public Access Project
City of Norfolk Voter Registrar
City of Chesapeake Voter Registrar
City of Virginia Beach Voter Registrar
City of Portsmouth Voter Registrar
City of Hampton Voter Registrar
City of Newport News Voter Registrar
City of Suffolk Voter Registrar